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The Climb-Pro

Our articulating Climb-Pro Ladder is one of a kind. For most of our customers, this is the only ladder they will ever need. Constructed of aircraft aluminum, and using our exclusive precision locking hinge and  patented one-hand release rod, Climb-Pro has no comparison on the market today.

With 12 highly usable ladder positions, Climb-Pro addresses the most common needs of any user. From the extension ladder, A-frame, scaffold, or standoff, all 12 positions are easily switched to with only one hand.

Articulating Ladder Design Benefits:


Climb-Pro‘s Exclusive Patent License for Single Hand Hinge Operation offers:

A single-hand release rod allowing for easy hinge adjustment

A red lock bolt & label that immediately identify the locked or unlocked hinge position

A release rod guard for added safety


Side Rails

Closed profile side rails provide:

Durability, security, and strength without additional weight

A more secure grip for better stability

A smooth surface allowing for easier cleanup

Protection at the bottom of the hinge to keep paint and debris from entering the hinge


Ladder Rungs

1 1/8” square rungs offer:


More stability, comfort, and safety


Grooved surface to provide slip resistance





Support Bar & End Caps

Climb-Pro has the widest support bar in the industry.

The support bar offers more stability and safety in all positions

The bright red, slip-resistant foot caps add security and visibility




Other Benefits

Multiple positions and uses

Lightweight, yet Type 1A, extra heavy duty industrial

Angle braces for superior support and durability

Folds to compact size for easy transport and storage

Superior quality

Excellent customer service and support