Michigan Ladder products

Our ladders have many distinct differences from those manufactured by other companies. The differences are clear in every ladder that we make – from larger rivets used to assemble our fiberglass ladders, to the new “Super Shoe that protects the bottoms of them, to our super strong locks.

We use an exclusive “Silk Finish” on all of our wood ladders for a better experience for our customers. It keeps them safer and longer lasting. When rodding our extension ladders, we use 12-24 truss rods and steel truss blocks, heavier gauge than any of our competition.

All of our ladders are made up to quality – NOT down to a price. The care and quality that is put into each and every ladder makes us truly a cut above. When you put your trust and safety into a ladder, there is only one choice – Michigan Ladder.

We also deliver our ladders in our own trucks, preventing damage during transit. Our services are personalized, and our clients love us for it!