Wood Ladders

Wood ladders

Michigan Ladder proudly uses the most renewable resource on Earth.

All of our step ladders are made of southern yellow pine, a fast-growing, well-managed American product that will continue to provide strength and durability to our products for years to come. Favorable growing conditions, wise forest management, and efficient manufacturing ensure a continuous supply of high-quality southern yellow pine products for future generations. Southern yellow pine consists of four main species — shortleaf, longleaf, loblolly, and slash — and is the preferred choice for today’s design/build professionals.

Choosing domestic southern yellow pine — a product grown in the U.S. — is not only a good environmental choice but also supports local economies.

The Michigan Ladder Company began building wooden ladders more than a century ago. That experience has given us the expertise and manufacturing know-how to craft these time-tested, commercial and industrial necessities. Made of southern yellow pine or Hemlock, our wood ladders are individually handmade in our original Michigan factory, by our dedicated employees, one at a time.

All of our wood extensions and single ladders are made from western hemlock, another well-managed and renewable resource.

Unique Features

All of our wood ladders have our exclusive “Silk Finish” that truly separates our products from the rest. No more splinters or cracks. You may trust Michigan Ladder to create and build only the highest-quality wood ladders from the best wood available. When you need a ladder to be safe and secure, you may rely on us.

At Michigan Ladder, we know that there is no one ladder for every single job. From our classic Tradesman to our Stocky, our Painters Trestle to our Tree Surgery ladders, we know that having the most diverse selection of ladders has made The Michigan Ladder Company the single choice for all your ladder needs.



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